• Sintec Optronics offers different types of beam expander, which can meet different requirements of magnefication, laser power, pergence, etc.
  • Sintec Optronics designs, develops, and manufactures an extensive range of high quality f-theta lens. If you are unable to find what it is you are looking for on our website or catalog, contact us! Our engineers are ready to meet your specif
  • Sintec Optronics offers various types of laser welding machines for different applications such as handhold laser welder robotics 3D laser welder etc.
  • Sintec Optronics offer various types of CO2 laser, with different power ranges, designed for research and industrial use.
  • Sintec Optronics offer various types of fiber instruments, such as interferometric inspection system, encircled flux meter, fiber shaker, fiber glass geometry measurement system, FGC-GA array geometry measurement system, and etc.
  • Sintec Optronics designs develops and manufactures an extensive range of high quality polarization systems and components including liquid crystal devices. If you are unable to find what it is you are looking for on our website or catalog co
  • Our special designed Lens for Thick Glass Cutting focuses an incident single mode laser into a tight spot with 1.8 µm waist size along the entire Depth of Focus range (1-2mm typical range). The focused spot is equivalent to 0.35 objective N
  • Adding 5% magnesium-oxide to lithium niobate significantly increases the optical and photorefractive resistance of the crystal while preserving its high nonlinear coefficient. This allows more stable operation at visible wavelengths and lowe
  • The components for laser beam delivery mainly include high-reflection mirrors low loss mirrors waveplates thin film polorizersPolarizing Cubes for High Energy Applications Motorized Attenuators Motorized Divergence Controller beam expanders
  • Our main products are free space SLD modules and SM and PM fiber pigtailed SLD modules based on a single transverse mode SLD emitters, as well as multimode fiber pigtailed SLD modules in different spectral bands from 650 nm to 1620 nm, inclu
  • STNR laser safety goggles have found applications in nearly every discipline that employs coherent or non-coherent light, including enhancement of fluorescence of bodily fluids and latent fingerprints for forensics; enhancement of chemilumin
  • In classical holography a hologram is created by recording an interference pattern formed between an object beam and a reference beam using a coherent light source. The two beams propagate at the same velocity (same refractive index) but
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