• The components for laser beam delivery mainly include high-reflection mirrors low loss mirrors waveplates thin film polorizersPolarizing Cubes for High Energy Applications Motorized Attenuators Motorized Divergence Controller beam expanders
  • Our main products are free space SLD modules and SM and PM fiber pigtailed SLD modules based on a single transverse mode SLD emitters, as well as multimode fiber pigtailed SLD modules in different spectral bands from 650 nm to 1620 nm, inclu
  • STNR laser safety goggles have found applications in nearly every discipline that employs coherent or non-coherent light, including enhancement of fluorescence of bodily fluids and latent fingerprints for forensics; enhancement of chemilumin
  • In classical holography a hologram is created by recording an interference pattern formed between an object beam and a reference beam using a coherent light source. The two beams propagate at the same velocity (same refractive index) but
  • The V-i500C system is a 500W pulsed fiber laser, paired with a robust galvanometer based, ergonomic hand-held, compact scan head. With flexible operational parameters, fiber laser reliability and high pulse energy, V-i500C offer the best val
  • The ROC autocorrelators are ultra compact and robust single shot autocorrelators. As the name implies they are designed specifically to be ultra easy to use and to align onto the laser beam. They cannot be misaligned there is no need for cal
  • STRP-TeraSys- AiO TheSTRP-TeraSys- AiOprovides a flexible solution for laboratory THz spectroscopy and imaging. It offers maximum flexibility with measurement capabilities in transmission and reflection without realignment
  • STC-Spark-OPO and STC-Spark-OPO-HP : near to mid-infrared quasi-CW optical parametric oscillator. STC-Spark-OPO-FIR : ultrafast OPO providing output in the 5 – 12 µm region, an ideal source for spectroscopy in the molecular fingerprint
  • By virtue of having no moving parts our Fibre-Coupled Acousto-Optic Modulators (AOMs) are able to amplitude modulate a laser beam at very high speed. For example modulation bandwidths in excss of 50MHz are readily achievable.
  • Our deep engraver has the features such as flat engraving bottom, sharp edge, small heat-affected zone and high speed via precise optics rectifier and special focus technology.
  • We developed a special customized head which focusses the laser beam into a line. The head is specially designed to be handheld and light so that a human can easily hold it and move it around as you can see in the video!
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