• ps laser, ps laser diode, fs laser, high power ps laser, high energy ps laser, tunable ultrafast source for microscopy applications, Ti:Sapphire ultrashort pulse laser, optical parametric amplifier.
  • Using transverse interferometry, the most sensitive fiber measurement technology is available.We provide multi-wavelength optical fiber refractive index profiling system and fiber mode analyzer.
  • A frequency-doubling material is coated on the glass surface. When an IR laser beam is illuminated on the coating material the frequency of the IR laser beam will be doubled from IR to green wavelength.
  • These fiber collimation packages are pre-aligned to collimate light from an SMA connectorized fiber with diffraction-limited performance. They are compact and not susceptible to misalignment.
  • High power collimated output isolators are uased in the pulsed fiber lasers. In general the fiber laser beam go through the isolator and then go in a bean expander for laser marking applications.
  • Water-cooled Q-switches and air-cooled Q-switches at the RF frequency of 27MHz, 41MHz, 80MHz etc in industrial standard.Custom-design is also available according to your specific request.
  • We offer a wide range of standard AO Modulators for digital or analogue intensity modulation of laser beams from UV, visible to IR wavelength and RF frequency of a few tens MHz to a few hundreds MHz.
  • Laser safety goggles, curtains, shields and windows are available at all laser wavelengths and various frames. We also custom-design and -make these safety products according to your specific request.
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