[Promotion] Diffractive Optical Elements 20% sale!
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Our DOEs are being used for various applications mainly involving high precision and high power lasers. This technology enables many functions and light manipulations which are not feasible with standard refractive optics. In many applications those functions are very beneficial and significantly improve the system performance.

Our range of DOEs includes (but not limited to): beam splitters, beam shapers / top-hat, homogenizers/diffusers, multi-focal, beam samplers, vortex lenses, ring generator, dielectric mask and more. Those elements can be designed for any wavelength, from UV to Mid IR. Our DOEs are thin optical windows/lenses, easily installed in any system. In addition to individual elements, we can also design and assemble refractive-diffractive modules and sub-systems.

Diffractive optics solutions have many advantages such as high efficiency, high precision, small dimensions, low weight elements and most important, flexible solutions to meet variety of different applications' requirements. Inquire our DOE catalog to see how to shape your laser output !

We continue our annual tradition, applying up to 20% discount to orders placed before December 27th, for items available from stock (limited to 3 pieces per PN). Place an order now and take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

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