Optical Galvanoters

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The exceptional dynamics OSSL Series scanners are the result of years of experience in developing and manufacturing scanners scan systems and scan solutions for industrial use.

Product Introduction

1. OSSL Series Galvanometer Optical Scanners

The exceptional dynamics OSSL Series scanners are the result of years of experience in developing and manufacturing scanners, scan systems and scan solutions for industrial use. The motor section of each OSSL series is ideally matched to the inertial load presented by the mirror. The optimized rotor design is largely responsible for the favorable dynamic properties and resonance characteristics. Axially pre-loaded precision ball bearings guarantee a backlash-free rotor assembly with high stiffness and low friction. Special attention has been paid to long bearing lifetimes.

The optical position detector system is characterized by high resolution, as well as good repeatability and drift values. The scanners are equipped with heaters and temperature sensors. This allows temperature stabilization for further enhancing long-term stability, even under fluctuating ambient conditions.

We provide all OSSL series scanners with suitable mirrors and mirror coatings for all typical laser wavelengths. In addition to very good reflection properties, the mirrors are also optimized with respect to inertial load, stiffness and flatness. The high quality of OSSL Series galvanometer scanners enables error-free operation in long-term and continuous use. Comprehensive measurements on custom test benches assure that the highest level of quality is continuously maintained.


The rotationally symmetrical flange facilitates mounting. The scanner housing must be electrically insulated from the machine structure. Mirror stops are already integrated into the scanners. The mirror is directly bonded to the scanner’s shaft.

OSSL Series Galvanometer Scanners Specifications

Rotor inertia 0.028 g·cm2 0.125 g·cm2 0.34 g·cm2 1.2 g·cm2 5.1 g·cm2
Torque constant 2.3 N·mm/A 5.3 N·mm/A 7.5 N·mm/A 15 N·mm/A 24 N·mm/A
Coil resistance 3.9 Ω 2.8 Ω 2.7 Ω 2.2 Ω 0.85 Ω
Coil inductance 90μH 145μH 165μH 275μH 300μH
Max. RMS current (max. case temp. 50°C) 1.8 A 2.2 A 2.5 A 3.5 A 5 A
Peak current 6 A 10 A 10 A 10 A 15 A
Weight With cable 49 g 72 g 263 g 340 g 425 g
Weight Without cable 23 g 46 g - - -
Connector SD-9 socket SD-9 socket SD-15 socket SD-15 socket SD-15 socket
Inertial Load recommended 0.02 g·cm2 0.1 g·cm2 0.35 g·cm2 1.2 g·cm2 8 g·cm2
Inertial Load maximum 0.05 g·cm2 0.5 g·cm2 1.5 g·cm2 6 g·cm2 25 g·cm2
Recommended Aperture 7mm 8.5mm 10mm 14mm 20-30mm
Step Response Time (with SSV30) 1% of full scale (settling to 1/1000 of full scale, with recommended inertial load) 0.23 ms 0.24 ms 0.25 ms 0.40 ms 0.8 ms
Dynamic Performance (with SSV30) Tracking error 0.11 ms 0.12 ms 0.14 ms 0.24 ms 0.35 ms
Recommended driver microSSV microSSV miniSSV microAIO SSV30 miniSSV SSV30 SSV30

OSSL Series Scanner Common Specifications(all angles are in mechanical degrees)

Optical Performance Maximum scan angle ±12°
Nonlinearity < 0.4 % ptp
Offset drift < 15μrad/K
Gain drift < 50 ppm/K
Repeatability 5μrad
Position Detector (PD) Typical PD output signal - differential mode –11μA/°
Typical PD output signal - common mode –140μA
PD supply voltage 6.5 V - 11.5 V
PD supply current 35 mA - 60 mA
Heater Heater resistance 120 Ω
Temperature sensor resistance 1000Ω@ 25°C,578Ω@40°C
Cable   0.22 m long
Installation   electrically insulated
Operating Temperature   25±20°C
Electrical Connections (with SSV30) Power supply voltage ±(15+1.5) V DC
Input signals Alternative:±4.8 V;±9.6 V; ±4.8 mA;±9.6 mA
Output signals 3 status signals, TTL level
Long-term drift over 8 hours (with SSV30) with temperature stabilization (after warm-up) < 0.6 mrad optical
without temperature stabilization <0.3mrad optical plus temperature induced gain and offset drift
Operating Temperature (with SSV30)   25±10°C

2. CTI Series Optical Galvanometers

The combination of our Moving Magnet Actuator technology and our innovative patented Advanced Optical Position Detector design offers the highest positioning speed and excellent accuracy in the smallest, lower cost closed loop galvanometers. Scanning system applications can be designed and optimized for speed, size, cost and accuracy with typical beam diameters in the 1 to 3mm range.

The Moving Magnet Scanner's Positioning Speed comes from advanced galvanometer and actuator design for the highest system resonant frequency and RMS power capability. The higher resonant frequency of our moving magnet actuator design, the intense magnetic field strength of state of the art neodymium-iron-boron magnets and our advanced servo driver options allow superior system bandwidths, step response times and repetition rates with excellent wobble and jitter performance.

Our newly patented advanced optical position detector design coupled with the positioning precision of the moving magnet actuator provides excellent repeatability and accuracy . The advanced optical position detector is designed to provide high positioning linearity, repeatability and stability over time and temperature, and lower closed loop galvo cost in the smallest, most compact package.

 Superior product lifetime and reliability result from disciplined design technique, the best in bearing technology and quality manufacturing processes and workmanship. We take great pride in the performance of our products. Our scanner designs are computer modelled and have been life-test proven to billions of cycles of operation. Our high standards of manufacturing quality guarantees the performance consistency that you need to design the high quality systems demanded in today's competitive marketplace.

Galvo Model Step Response Time with mirror Current RMS Max at 50º C Torque Constant Dyne-cm/Amp ± 10% Scale Drift ppm per °C Zero Drift µrad per °C Linearity Short Term Repeatability µrad
6200H 130us/3mm 2.3 1.2 x 104 50 15 99.9% 8
6210H 100us/3mm 2.4 2.79 x 104 50 15 99.9% 8
6215H 175us/6mm 4.1 3.78 x 104 50 15 99.9% 8
6220H 195us/5mm 3.9 6.17 x 104 50 15 99.9% 8
6231HB 210us/8mm 5.8 1.11 x 105 50 15 99.9% 8
6230H 250us/10mm 7.1 1.31 x 105 50 15 99.9% 8
6240H 350us/15mm 8.2 2.00 x 105 50 15 99.9% 8
6880 0.9ms/20mm 7.5 2.54 x 105 50 10 99.9% 8
6450 2ms/12mm 1.8 .045 x 106 50 15 99.9% 2
6650 3.5ms/20mm 2.8 0.65 x 106 50 10 99.9% 1.5
6900 6ms/50mm 5 1.63 x 106 50 10 99.9% 1.5
6400 8ms/75mm 14 4.5 x 106 50 15 99.9% 2

Recommended Galvos by Beam Aperture

We have the widest range of galvos available in the market giving our customers the flexibility to select a galvo to optimize price, performance, and footprint requirements of their application.  Each galvo model, although ideally suited for a particular aperture, will also operate mirror sets larger and smaller than the optimum mirror set.   In some applications, the user may choose to implement a smaller, less expensive galvo to operate a larger mirror set as a cost-saving strategy while other users may opt for a galvo with "undersized" mirrors to maximize the rotor stiffness for positioning performance considerations.  The chart below lists the popular range of mirror apertures for each galvo model.  Of course, some users also go outside these ranges to fully optimize their application.