CO2 Laser Marker

  • Update:Aug 24, 2017
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OEM CO2 laser markers and integrated CO2 laser markers are available at various levels of laser powers such as 10W 30W 50W & 100W.To be used in laser marking of non-metals.

Product Introduction

1.OEM CO2 Laser Marking Systems

For OEM users or laser integrators or the end users for the production line, we can provide OEM laser markers at more attractive prices.The OEM laser marker consists of 3 parts: a laser head with marking head, a control unit, a D/A card & marking software.

Model M-UL-10OEM M-UL-30OEM M-UL-50OEM
Laser wavelength 10.6um 10.6um 10.6um
Laser power 10W 30W 50W
Marklinewidth 0.15mm 0.15mm 0.15mm
Markingfield(mm) 50x50 - 250x250 50x50 - 250x250 50x50 - 250x250
Marking speed <5m/sec <5m/sec <5m/sec
Weight (laser with mark head) 20kg 26kg 30kg
Electric 200VAC, 50Hz 200VAC, 50Hz 200VAC, 50Hz

2. UL Series Integrated CO2 Laser Marking Systems

UL series CO2lasers from USA are used. These lasers have high quality & good stability performance. High-speed optical galvanometers are used for laser beam scanning. Our own powerful laser marking software is suitable for producing characters, pictures, barcode and DataMatrix marking. These laser marking systems are being widely used in laser marking of hard, fragile, soft and cylindrical products or materials in production lines. The prices are very low but the quality is still high.


Model M-UL-10 M-UL-30 M-UL-50 M-UL-100
Laser Head
Laser model UL-10 UL-30 UL-50 UL-100
Laser power(W) 10 30 50 100
Beam quality M2 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4
Beam diameter(mm) 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0
Max. pulse frequency(kHz) 5 5 5 5
Cooling Air
Marking Head
Scanner High-speed optical galvanometer (USA)
Marking filed (mm) 50x50,70x70,105x105, 140x140, 175x175, 210x210 or 255x255
Max. scanning speed (m/sec) 8
Marking resolution (mm) 0.05
Dimension (mm) 210×138×120
Marking software
Various fonts, pictures (PLT, DXF, BMP), automated series numbers, barcodes, DataMatrix

Typical Applications:

  1.  Laser marking of non-metal materials and products: acrylic, ceramics, plastics, polycarbonate, organics, wood, thermo-elastomer rubbers, paper, button.
  2. Electronic industry: capacitor, inductor, PCB, IC, connector, control panel, instrument.
  3. Others: button, cosmetics, food package, bottle, gift, advertisement & sign crafts, craft & gift making.